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tiger for sale

Tigers are a large, strong, cat. with the ability of taking down a 400 lb antelope. It is also a strong territorial swimmer. A male tiger covers up to a 40 mile territory. and female territories of up to 7 miles. Males identify their territories by scattering fieces. and urine and do not cope well. with the rest of the males. tiger for sale and this is where to. buy exotic animals. and you most be wondering how much is a tiger.

Tiger are the largest member of the cat (felid) family. In most cases, they appear in thick reddish coats. plus white and black tails and bellies. Their bodies, heads, limbs and tails have narrow brown. black or gray stripes. Their are nine subspecies; Siberian. Bengal, Indochinese, Sumatran, South Chinese. Malayan, Javan, Caspian and Bali. Though Bali, javan and Caspian are becoming extinct, black panther for sale both in the wild and as endangered.

How much is a tiger

Tigers are surprisingly inexpensive. and easy to purchase as pets. Meaning, anyone is capable of owning a large. influential carnivore whether they are properly equipped. to care for them or not. In the Canada and US, Pet tigers have been involved. in a number of mauling and fatalities in recent years. Nevertheless, more pet tigers and even other big cats. end up abused, neglected or given up to sanctuaries. in a case where their owners are not in a position. to care for them.

What do Tigers eat?
Ambar deer, water buffalo, wild pigs and antelope. are the main diet and any other food that can get. in to their opportunistic paws makes up its diet. They are also known to hunt dogs. sloth bears, crocodiles, leopards and monkeys. as well as pythons and hares. While injured and old tigers. are known to attack domestic cattle and humans.

The amount of food for pet tigers vary with species. but in any case, still a 300 lb pet tiger. eat much more than an adult human being. and house cat diet (food) put together. Domesticated and non domesticated Tigers eat meat. and in large amount. They will eat a minimum of 10 pounds of meat (5000 kcal). daily for up to 20 years and this excludes. the supplements and vitamins needed to add to the diet.

Additionally, buy exotic animals a commercially prepared meat blend. (enclosing primarily horse meat) and also. bones are offered to pet tiger as this aid. in natural chewing and nutrition. But research shows that these commercial diets. only are not actually what a pet tiger needs. Usually, they are deficient in taurine. and with too much amount of Vitamin A. and other ingredients. Each food varies as so to the individual tiger’s. requirements in a particular activity, species. season and other factors).

According to Animal scientists a raw meat diet. is the preferred source of protein for tigers. However, pet owners may be required to. supplement this with other nutrients.

tiger for sale

The moment a tiger cub gets adequately big. and with energy to push, it will be a bad idea. to wrestle or play with them. Since their play bites is likely to cause. serious injuries or even death to a person. Unfortunately, it is hard to predict tiger’s behavior. since they are still wild animals at heart. So, it is good to remember the huge commitment of time. space, and money that they require.

Enclosures/Housing a Tiger
Tigers need a lot of space to climb.swim and jump. While in the wild they roam for several miles of land. and this is one thing several people can’t access. Tigers house should include a large plot of fenced. in property with good access to small lakes or ponds. shelters and trees since this is what a pet tiger. needs to be safe from the world. or to keep the people around safe.

buy exotic animals

Reproduction (breeding)
Breeding (mating) generally happens. when the females are about 4 years of age. A female will give off a strong scent. which attracts a male to her while in estrus. The mating Season of tigers is normally around November. all the way to April (tropical climates). and during the winter in temperate regions. Tigers have a gestation period of 103 days. and with the ability to litter 3 to 4 cubs.

It will take Cubs 8 weeks following. their mother after which they become independent at 18 months old. After 2 and a half years. a cub will leave their mothers who all along have been guarding them. from wandering males which normally kill them

there are actually more pet tigers in the USA. Than around 5,000 of them than exist in the wild. These felines are incredibly graceful, sleek, and gorgeous.

Tigers are surprisingly cheap to purchase as a pet. People in the USA can purchase a captive-born tiger. for anywhere from $900-$2500. Typically people will purchase a femaletiger. as the males tend to be more aggressive. more territorial, and more unpredictable in their behavior for tiger for sale.

Birth. About three and a half months after mating with a maletiger, the female tiger gives birth to her litter of cubs. She will usually choose a spot that’s secluded and covered to have her babies. Typically, the birth of a litter of cubs takes about an hour, with cubs being born every 15 to 20 minutes. buy exotic animals.

In addition, one of the largest issues in keeping a tiger is the issue of space. A male tiger in the wild keeps a territory of around 40 square miles, while a female maintains around 7 square miles of territory. Regardless, few people own this amount of land, much less are even able to enclose a large enough space for their tiger to reside in.

Poaching is illegal killing of an animal. Tigers are poached for two main reasons: their threat or perceived threat to wildlife and/or people and monetary gain. Historically tigers were poached for furs. While there is still some sold illegally, increased public awareness campaigns and international trade controls have reduced this demand. Tigers may prey upon agricultural animals and have been illegally shot at or poisoned by consuming baited carcasses. However, tigers are mainly poached for their bones and other body parts which are in great demand for traditional Chinese medicines.

Illegal trade commerce is difficult to control because poaching networks are well organized and countries in which tigers live often do not have resources available to hire, equip and train law enforcement officers.

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