Our clients are prestigous but always feel free sharing a few words on how their experience with us was.

Thank you so much for all the help you have given us so far. I must admit, the first few weeks was not easy at all we almost felt like giving up. If not for you we would have been so lost. i really apreciate it. You are just the best.

Jennifer & Denise Hopkins

My little panther cub was delivered to me earlier this morning. I have been meaning to text you but have been so busy trying to get more supplies needed. he is the cutest and i did see the starter kit he came with. I’ll keep in touch. 

Mark Jones

I am now a proud owner of a tiger cub. All this was made possible because of you. I have some friends who are interested as well and i will refer your website to them.


After a whole week of making preparations, i finally have her lol. She is the cutest and i’ll name her Fiona. I might need another male lion cub just to name him Simba and will have my own live lion King at home with me.

Tina Humphrey

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